Why is Invader Coffee different?

Invader Coffee
We are veteran owned and operated and have been air roasting our coffee deep in the heart of Austin, Texas since day 1.
Most consumers buy into the hype and the gimmicky marketing without knowing the facts. Here at Invader, it's simple. We deliver a quality product and let the consumer decide where they want to spend their hard earned money. 
So you may be asking yourself, "Why is Invader Coffee better?"

All of our coffee is sourced through Fair Trade markets all over the world, primarily in Central/South America. No matter how long we have been using a farm, EACH batch of beans are inspected for insect bites and mold. After that, the beans undergo different olfactory testing with a panel of 3-5 people.
Once the batch is approved, it's then perfectly air roasted. But what is air roasting? 
Invader Coffee Air roasting
This is what truly sets Invader Coffee apart from others. Air roasting is a unique way of roasting coffee and only 1% of the world's coffee is roasted this way. This method gives you exact control over each batch and the beans are roasted to temperature, rather than to color like in the typical drum roasting method, that most use. With drum roasting, it is much less controlled because the beans reach the peak temperature and second crack at different times, leaving you with an inconsistent roast.
Have you ever tasted coffee and it seems to have a burnt flavor?

In a drum roaster, most of the outer shell of the bean, aka the chaff that comes off of the roasting coffee beans remains there throughout the roast. This is what gives you a burnt, acidic after taste. 

In an air roaster, the chaff rises into the cyclone and is deposited into the chaff collector as it comes off of the beans. It doesn't burn or damage the flavor, leaving you with a smooth, low acidity roast.


At Invader Coffee, we set the standards high with our consistency of a quality product, amazing customer service, and fast shipping. All of our roasts have distinct profiles and leave you with the best cup of coffee you'll ever taste. We stand by our products so much that we offer 100% money back guarantee.

Give it a try and taste the difference for yourself and see why Invader Coffee is rapidly invading coffee cups world wide.