Blackwater Contractor Blend

Invader Coffee Blackwater Contractor Blend

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“There’s not much you can’t accomplish with this coffee surging through your veins.” -Clifford A

Our much anticipated collaboration with Blackwater has arrived! Featuring a blend of South and Central American coffee beans, our Blackwater Contractor blend is one of our boldest coffees and lives up to the Blackwater name. This dark roast coffee is air roasted to french roast perfection with a robust flavor and prominent notes of cacao. 

This full-bodied, dark roast blend is made with certified Fair Trade coffee beans that delivers a rich and bold coffee flavor you will love. This is a slightly lighter roast than our Italian roast (Black Heart) and is for people who want a dark and bold blend without the smokiness. 

This truly is an amazing french roast coffee, with the quality of flavor that lives up to the Blackwater and Invader names. 

Coffee Characteristics

  • Full Body with rich, dark roast coffee taste
  • French roast coffee with deep chocolate notes 
  • An delicious collaboration with the Blackwater company that delivers amazing quality coffee

The Invader Promise

100% Fair Trade

100% Air Roasted Coffee

100% Money Back Guarantee 

Each and every batch of Invader Coffee is air roasted in order to provide you with the highest quality and best coffee we can. Air roasting is different than typical "drum roasting", meaning we roast our coffee on a bed of hot air. This allows for the husk or "chaff" of the bean to be removed before it settles into the bean. This process improves the quality of the coffee in order to provide you with a more pure, flavorful coffee. This is why we believe, Invader is some of the best coffee your money can buy.