Wake the Soul Blend
Wake the Soul Blend

Wake the Soul Blend

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Get ready to shake up your senses, coffee zealots! Invader Coffee is here to stir up your mornings with our 'Wake the Soul Blend'. This isn't just a cup of joe; it's an audacious call to arms for those who demand exceptional quality from their morning brew.

Our newest and staff favorite, this blend is dark, bold, and smooth with little to no acidic aftertaste. It's a limited roast that not only promises a rebellious start to your day but also a chance to indulge in one of the finest coffees your hard-earned money can buy.

Crafted from the highest quality organic, air-roasted coffee beans sourced from free trade farms globally, our 'Wake the Soul Blend' is a testament to our unyielding commitment to quality over quantity. We keep things simple: The best coffee at an affordable price to provide you the value you deserve from your morning boost.

We've honed our military precision into a meticulous quality control process, removing beans with irregularities and ensuring consistent roasting flavor with our unique air roasting technique. Because every batch undergoes rigorous inspection, we fully guarantee the quality of our product. It's a smooth, low acidity roast that you'll find hard to resist.

But why stop there? Subscribe and save to get these audacious flavors delivered regularly to your door and enjoy a 5% discount. Each bag is 12 oz and vacuum sealed for freshness, ready to kickstart your day the Invader way!

So, why wait? Ignite your rebellious side, indulge in the richness of our 'Wake the Soul Blend', and let this coffee be the spark that sets your soul on fire!