Is Black Coffee Bad for Your Heart? Let’s Dive into This

Is Black Coffee Bad for Your Heart? Let’s Dive into This

People who are not accustomed to coffee usually doubt its health-related risks. They are often heard soliciting the bad effects of coffee. But is it true? Well, many believe it, while others shoo it off. “Is black coffee bad for your heart,” is a topic that we will discuss to uncover whether it’s true or not.

What Is Black Coffee?

Black coffee is one of the variations that contain no milk, unlike others such as Latte. Consisting of only two ingredients—coffee grounds and water, and occasionally sugar, black coffee is regarded as the most popular morning drink in the US.

There are several common ways to brew it—pour over/drip, percolator, French press, coffee pods, instant coffee, and cold brew. Regardless of the method, its taste is always the same—awakening!

Is Black Coffee Really Bad?

Everything in moderation is good, and similarly, black coffee in moderation is a reliable brew and doesn’t cause any health risks. In fact, many believe its daily consumption might reduce the risks of cancer and neurodegenerative conditions.

In contrast, there are many people who defy its benefits and claim it to be the culprit behind several discomforts, such as high blood pressure. Similar to other commercial drinks like soda and energy drinks, coffee too might cause uncomfortable symptoms such as upset stomach, nausea, rapid heart rate, anxiety, headache, and insomnia when consumed in excessive amounts.

For a normal adult whose daily caffeine threshold is approximately 400 mg, going over the board with coffee might be labeled as bad and unhealthy.

Besides, people with compromised health, such as pregnant women and patients on pills, might have more risks with excessive consumption.
In such cases, the caffeine might react with the chemical compounds in the prescribed medicine, or it might directly interfere with normal body functioning.

Similarly, teenagers should also have regulated coffee consumption as their bodies profusely secrete hormones and not completely grown and matured.

Is Coffee Bad for A Normal And Healthy Adult?

Absolutely not! Black coffee is not at all a perilous brew for a normal adult with an adequately functioning body. Indeed, daily consumption might help a consumer with an appropriate mental activity that’s crucial for daily work.

Not to forget, the same caffeine is infused in commercial energy drinks, which are advertised as a better option than black coffee. In fact, a mug of black coffee is a much safer option than consuming a bottle of flavored energy drink that’s carbonated and fizzy.

The Bottom Line

It is never the coffee but the consumer who decides the effects of coffee. However, it tastes acrid; it is not at all bad.

Where drinking a maximum of two cups of black coffee may help you feel charged throughout the day; more than that can be a potential reason for uncontrollable palpitation, as many complaints. Similarly, it may not be a viable reason to gauge the downsides of black coffee with the side effects it shows in consumers with health challenges or attached risks also.

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