Medium Roast

Medium Roast

      Welcome to our collection of Medium Roast gourmet coffee blends, a testament to Invader Coffee's relentless pursuit of perfection. As a veteran-owned coffee company, we believe in quality over quantity, and that's exactly what you get with every bag of our Medium Roast Coffee.

      Our Medium Roasts are harmonious blends of Central and South American beans, air-roasted to perfection to bring out a rich taste with a medium body and low acidity. Imagine waking up to the tantalizing aromas of dark chocolate, cacao butter, buttery rum, brown sugar, and hints of caramel. These gourmet, air-roasted coffee blends are not just a morning boost—it's an experience.

      Each bag in this collection is filled with either whole bean or ground coffee, vacuum-sealed for freshness. These beans are sourced from fair trade farms worldwide, reflecting our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing.

      Just like in military training, every detail matters to us. We ensure every batch undergoes rigorous inspection, removing beans with irregularities before roasting. The result? A consistently flavorful, low acidity roast that's hard to find anywhere else.

      So go ahead, explore our Medium Roast collection, and let the rebellious charm of our coffee invade your senses!