Popular Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing

Popular Coffee Myths You Should Stop Believing

Coffee is consumed all over the world where it is prepared in a variety of unique ways. Over the course of its history, from its origin in the ancient coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau as a little known drink, to one of the most widely consumed psychoactive beverages today, coffee has developed a lot of myths around its taste and potency. This is not surprising given the amount of interest and curiosity it has gathered with its unique aroma, taste, and other characteristics. While there are certain popular beliefs about coffee that are true, there are plenty that are just fabricated and thrown around with drink. This article will present five popular myths about coffee you should not take as factual.

Your Afternoon Cup Can Make it Difficult to Sleep at Night

The caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that can definitely perk up the mind and agitate the body, but the effects last only for so long. If you drink a cup of coffee in the afternoon, all the caffeine content would be processed through the liver in a matter of minutes, and most of it would be flushed out of your body within the next 4 to 7 hours. In other words any coffee you drink six to seven hours prior to your bedtime will not have any effect on your sleep.

Boiling Water is The Best For Brewing Coffee

While you do need hot water for extracting the flavor and goodness out of coffee beans, boiling water exceeds the ideal temperature for brewing coffee. In fact any temperature that is higher than 200 ℉ will extract the bitter oils from the beans and may even burn them. If you taste a strong bitter and sour palate in your cup of coffee, the water that you used was probably too hot.

Coffee Dehydrates Your Body

This is one popular myth about coffee that deters certain people from enjoying it. Fortunately, it is not true. While caffeine in any type of beverage can have a mild level of diuretic effect (causing the need to urinate), it is not potent enough to increase dehydration. So drinking coffee as part of your normal lifestyle will not cause fluid loss in excess of the amount that you drink.

Drinking Coffee Can Sober You Up

As mentioned earlier, caffeine can perk up the mind and make it more aware and alert. But it does not remove or reverse the cognitive impact of alcohol. Infact, it is better to avoid drinking coffee while intoxicated because it can give a sense of alertness and competence, enough to move and operate in potentially precarious situations without having enough control and balance on the body.

Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

This may come as a bit of a sad truth but coffee does not really help in losing weight. While the stimulating effects of caffeine can increase the metabolism by a tiny scale, this is not substantial enough to alter or enhance how the body functions normally. But on the plus side, caffeine can help to subdue cravings and hunger urges temporarily. This can be helpful for people watching or reducing their weight by eliminating untimely eating.


Whether you paid attention to these coffee myths before or not, now you know five myths about coffee that are not true. Remember that not every popular thing about coffee, whether it's positive or negative, is true. And should not let any myth come in your way of enjoying a cup of coffee.

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