Things That Make Air Roasted Coffee Unique

Things That Make Air Roasted Coffee Unique

If you call yourself a coffee lover and you haven’t tried air roasted coffee, then you aren’t really a true coffee lover. What is air roasted coffee? It is a coffee that is roasted on a fluid bed of hot air. Generally, coffee are roasted in a hot steel drum but the problem with those coffee is, they are a bit bitter and they taste okay. Now, as coffee lovers, we want a smooth and tasty coffee, which is what air roasted method delivers. The air roasted method is also known for being faster, cleaner, and easier, which is why all the top producers prefer using it over other methods.

If you are tired of drinking coffee that tastes burnt, makes your stomach upset, and makes you feel jittery throughout the day, then start drinking air roasted coffee. In this blog, we will tell you all you need to know about air roasted coffee. Let’s get started.

Difference Between Normal Coffee And Air Roasted Coffee

As you might be aware, coffee is grown at high elevations. Not all coffee beans taste and smell the same. The place where they are grown determines to a large degree how coffee beans are going to taste. Every bean has its own natural flavor but whether you will get to taste it or not depends on the roasting method you employ. Air roasting method allows you to enjoy the natural flavor of coffee beans. This method is known for helping coffee lovers enjoy the actual coffee, not the roaster. Since the surface of the roaster does not roast the coffee in the air roasting method, you do not have to endure that acidic and bitter taste that you normally have to do with other coffee.

You will be surprised to know that only 1 percent of the coffee beans in the world get to go through the air roasting method. Nearly 95 percent of the world’s coffee is roasted through the drum method. Not a lot of companies provide air roasted coffee to their customers. Invader Coffee is among those few companies that is known for providing 100 percent air roasted coffee to its customers.

Benefits of Air Roasted Coffee

Many people do not know that air roasted coffee does not just smell and taste good. In fact, it is also known for offering several health benefits to coffee lovers. For instance, they have a lot of antioxidants, which prove effective in fighting free radicals in our body. After drinking this coffee, you will feel energized and ready to tackle the day ahead. And if you are in a bad mood, air roasted coffee can uplift your mood in no time. In addition to all these, air roasted coffee can help you burn more fat because it contains caffeine, which is known for improving metabolism.

As you can see, air roasted coffee is different from other coffee in the market. If interested, you can contact Invader Coffee. We are known for providing highest quality, organic, air roasted coffee from free trade farms. We are a veteran owned business and we make sure every quality control process gets handled in a detailed, meticulous manner, just as in military training. To know more, feel free to call us at 512-382-9585.