What Sets Invader Coffee Apart From The Rest

You may be asking yourself, "Why is Invader Coffee better?"

We do not buy into the hype and the gimmicky marketing. Here are the facts that we want YOU, our valued customers, to know:

Our coffee is sourced through Fair Trade markets all over the world, primarily in Central/South America. Every batch of beans is inspected for insect bites and mold and the beans undergo olfactory testing with a panel of 3-5 people. Once the batch is approved, the beans are then air roasted.

Olfactory Testing

What is air roasting? 

Air roasting gives you precise control over each batch, as this method roasts the beans to a specific temperature. Invader is part of the 1% of the world's coffee that is air roasted. Typical drum roasting methods roast to a color, a method used by 99% of roasters. Drum roasting lessens control and quality due to the beans reaching peak temperature and second crack at different times, leaving you with an inconsistent roast.

Invader Air Roasting

Have you ever tasted coffee that has a burnt flavor?

In a drum roaster, most of the outer shell of the bean (aka the chaff) that comes off the roasting coffee beans remains throughout the roast. This is what gives you a burnt, acidic after-taste. We do not want that for our customers.

In an air roaster, the chaff rises into the cyclone and is deposited into the chaff collector as it comes off the beans. It does not burn or damage the flavor, leaving you with a smooth, low acidity roast. This is what we provide to you every time, with all our coffee products.

At Invader Coffee, we set the standards high with our consistency of a quality product. All our roasts have distinct profiles and we are confident that Invader coffee is the best coffee you will ever taste. Don’t believe us? Then give it a try! 100% money back guaranteed.