What Type Of Coffee Lover Are You

What Type Of Coffee Lover Are You

Coffee drinkers range from casual enthusiasts to passionate connoisseurs and everything in between. From those who can go a week on just one cup to the self-proclaimed addicts who absolutely cannot function without it, everyone has their own preference when it comes to this popular beverage. Here are some of the most popular coffee drinks loved by people–in which category do you belong?

Instant Coffee

These coffee drinkers live life for the now, for the instant gratification. They want coffee that tastes nice and is prepared quickly. They stick to what is quick, delicious, and rewarding because they can't allow their hectic lives prevent them from getting their coffee fix. Although coffee snobs despise instant coffee, it's perfectly acceptable to enjoy it. They don't need any large or expensive equipment and are affordable and accessible. It's fantastic for people who are too busy to spend time creating the right mix when they can simply add water.

Black Coffee

These coffee lovers prefer to keep things simple. They prefer their coffee plain, with no extras. They drink it black, without any milk or sugar, and savor each mouthful. These individuals prefer their coffee basic and uncomplicated, without any added sugar or milk. They presumably also have one of those common coffee makers that can be used with only water and ground coffee to get the job done as quickly as possible.

A lot of people prefer the simple and straightforward black coffee that would just keep them awake, but then there are those who need a much stronger dose of caffeine. They go for the black heart coffee–NOT for the weak of heart. The darkest of dark roast coffees, the black heart blend hits like a black coffee should.

Good Old Cappuccino

This group of drinkers doesn't really know much about the ins and outs of the coffee world. Simply a typical, daily coffee drinker. The person who kind of likes coffee but doesn't really rely on it and doesn't really distinguish between major variances in flavor. If you offer them a coffee, they won't refuse it, but they don't necessarily require it to survive. However, they may also believe that because they are not coffee addicts, they are slightly superior to others. They won't listen to you if you try to persuade them to try something new; they'll just continue drinking the same old cappuccino.

Flavored Frappes

These coffee aficionados enjoy their coffee with a variety of flavors added. While they occasionally like a simple cup of coffee, something with a unique flavor particularly appeals to them and satisfies their taste buds. They enjoy experimenting with their coffee habits and trying out new flavors. A Frappe is a less daunting approach to explore coffee culture. Although the whipped cream and flavoring syrup will likely give you a sugar rush, the caffeine is still present. It only makes sense that they are upbeat and nonchalant, not worrying what other people think of your preferred beverage.

The Latte

Wherever they go, some people get a rich, frothy cup of latte. They love the creamy texture and robust yet pleasant flavor. Everyone enjoys a nice latte, right? The latte is popular with those who like coffee but cannot stand its bitter taste. They can probably survive without caffeine in the morning, but by afternoon, they'll be craving their fix. This beverage is appropriate for creatives seeking motivation because it is topped with froth and stunning latte art.

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