Why Prefer a Veteran-Owned Business for All Your Needs?

Why Prefer a Veteran-Owned Business for All Your Needs?

Veterans are the soldiers who have discharged their military business with complete integrity and have been honorably discharged due to getting injured on the battlefield or completing their tours. Being a veteran is a sign of prestige, for they have served their nation with their lives, and it is essential for Americans to support them once they have returned to civilian life.

Many veterans start businesses to support their livelihood, and it becomes the responsibility of American citizens to support the veterans as much as possible. Continue reading to learn about a great military coffee brand and how you can support this veteran-owned business!

What Are the Benefits of Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses?

Every business works by some rules and ethics, and while some may be shady, a veteran-owned business ensures that you get the best business practices from the people who once protected the American way of life. Certain qualities are imbibed in veterans from their days in the forces, and those reflect in their way of doing business.

  • Firstly, they are full of integrity and urgency and are goal-oriented, which assists them in efficiently planning and running their veteran-owned business.

  • Secondly, they respect procedures and do not take shortcuts to achieve their goals. Couple this with working under pressure, accountability, and their lack of discrimination, and people are sure to find a brand committed to bringing the best service to them.

How Does Invader Coffee Exemplify All The Above Traits?

Invader Coffee is a military coffee brand started by Wes Whitlock, owner, and current CEO. His experience in Italy while serving his tours as a Marine led him to start Invader Coffee. As a veteran-owned business, they have a meticulous approach to sourcing the beans and maintaining their quality. Invader Coffee works on three main pillars; free trade sourcing, quality, and affordability.

Their coffee beans are sourced from 100% free trade farms, be it whole beans or ground coffee, and they remove beans with irregularities and insect bites before sending them to roast. A splendid example of respect for procedure and integrity! Air-roasting coffee provides a characteristic flavor, and Invader Coffee prides itself on providing 100% air-roasted coffee. As for accountability, a 100% money-back guarantee is given in case someone is dissatisfied with their product.

The Invader Coffee Line!

Invader Coffee is the one-stop shop for all coffee needs if it is good coffee in demand. The veteran-owned business promises the best air-roasted coffee. Their inventory includes not only the classic air roast but also blends, giving a distinct flavor to people who are not so accustomed to the bitter taste of coffee. Blends include pumpkin, whiskey, and bourbon.

Apart from coffee, they also deal in accessories such as coffee mugs and apparel! Supporting this military coffee brand also supports veteran organizations, as a percent of their earnings is used to support other veteran organizations, including the Brothers in Arms Foundation and Navy Seal Foundation.