Wes Whitlock, Founder and CEO

Wes's Story

At the heart of Invader Coffee is founder and CEO Wes Whitlock, whose biography is as extensive and diverse as his businesses. Wes founded Invader Coffee in 2016 in Austin, Texas where he currently resides, operates his 3 businesses, maintains both a storefront and gym (free to all military, LEO, and veterans), and runs his podcast “Going Rogue with Wes Whitlock.”

Wes has traveled the world extensively and his experiences have proven to be invaluable.  Much of his life was spent abroad working in Spain, Yemen, Israel, Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan, Korea, South Africa, Italy, Netherlands and Germany. However, he remains partial to Italy and calls it his second home.

Invader Coffee was birthed as a result of Wes's time spent in Italy. His immersion contributed to the development of his devout appreciation for the culture and history of Italy which is directly reflected in his projects, especially coffee.

Wes's Timeline