Viking Ship Shirt

Viking Ship Shirt

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Attention, coffee warriors! Invader Coffee is here to outfit you in our audacious 'Viking Ship' Shirt. This isn't just any shirt; it's a badge of honor that signifies your allegiance to quality coffee with no BS, no filler, and absolutely no shrinking.

Our high-quality black tri-blend shirt comes with an athletic fit, ensuring it stays true to its form, just like our air-roasted coffee beans stay true to their flavor. Made proudly in Austin, Texas, this veteran-owned apparel is as resilient as our spirit - it won't shrink much, even after countless voyages through the washing machine.

Sporting our iconic Invader Viking ship design, this tee is more than just a piece of clothing. It's a conversation starter, a pledge to quality, and a declaration of your support for veteran-owned businesses. It's a testament to the rebellious spirit that fuels us at Invader Coffee, and we believe it'll fuel you too.

At Invader Coffee, we're all about quality over quantity. We source our coffee beans from 100% fair trade farms across the globe, air roast them to perfection, and deliver the best coffee your hard-earned money can buy. And now, we're bringing that same commitment to quality to your wardrobe.

So why wait? Show the world your rebellious side, make a statement about your commitment to quality coffee, and let our 'Viking Ship' tee be the sail that guides you into each new day!