Invader Roast Quick Reference Guide

Ordered from darkest roasts to lightest


Black Heart/Black Heart Espresso

The absolute darkest roast. A blend of Central/South American beans roasted to the darkest level, the “well done” of the coffee world. Notes of bittersweet chocolate, carbon, and molasses. Robust and smoky. Regular Black Heart available both ground and whole bean. Black Heart Espresso is ground only.

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Blackwater Contractor

A traditional French dark roast with prominent notes of cacao and low acidity. Roasted just below a dark Italian roast. Central/South American beans. A favorite for those who want a dark and bold blend but without the smoky/robust flavor.

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TMACS Blaze Ops

Dark roast. Ethiopian and Indonesian beans roasted to a French roast. Notes of baker's chocolate and fruit. Earthy, full bodied, and bold. Comparable to a Sumatra.




Dark roast blend. Mix of Central/South American and Ethiopian/Indonesian beans. Velvet body with fruity notes. Winey, berries, semi-sweet chocolate and brown sugars.

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Invader Original

Balanced medium roast. A blend of Central/South American beans with a bright rich taste, medium body and low acidity. Dark chocolate, cocoa butter, juicy oranges and brown sugar with hints of caramel.

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Whiskey Blend

Medium roast. A blend of Central/South American beans. A rich oaky aroma that is wonderfully complex with molasses and spicy notes. Hints of caramel and vanilla. Flavored.

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War Horse

Medium roast. Single origin Brazilian Beans. Prominent flavors of bacon and bourbon (a proprietary ratio). Notes of sweet cocoa, peanut, and caramel. Flavored.

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Mexican Chocolate

Medium roast. A blend of Central/South American beans. Cinnamon, dark chocolate, vanilla with a nutty quality and medium body and full mouth feel. Flavored.

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Medium to light roast. A blend of Central/South American beans. Jamaican buttery rum enhances the delicious coffee blend. This coffee has a slippery, satiny mouthfeel and notes of caramel and butter. Flavored.

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Nectar of the Gods

Light roast. Single origin Ethiopian Guji Sidamo. Arabica beans. Delicious and fruit forward. Juicy mouthfeel. Notes of cantaloupe, raisin, and pure cane sugar.

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Brazilian Blonde

Light (blonde) roast. Single origin Brazilian beans. Light feel, snappy with bright and lively acidity. Notes of peanut butter.

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