The Outsider Blend
The Outsider Blend
The Outsider Blend

The Outsider Blend

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Tired of the same old, same old coffee? Invader Coffee's 'The Outsider Blend' is here to shake up your morning! Ditch the boring brews and join us on a wild flavor adventure. You won't regret stepping outside your comfort zone!

'The Outsider Blend' is a dark, bold, and smooth coffee with notes of Guinness chocolate. It's a staff favorite, expertly crafted to offer a new flavor experience without any acidity. It's like your favorite stout in a mug, ready to kickstart your day with a rich, indulgent twist.

Just like all our coffees, 'The Outsider Blend' is made from the highest quality organic, air roasted coffee beans sourced from free trade farms all over the world. It's sustainable sourced coffee available in ground or bean grind types, so you can enjoy it just the way you like.

Every 12 oz bag is vacuum sealed for freshness and delivered right to your door. Subscribe and save to get this exceptional blend regularly with a 5% discount.

At Invader Coffee, we keep things simple: The best coffee at an affordable price. Our mission is to serve quality over quantity, and our 'The Outsider Blend' embodies this commitment, serving as a daily reminder of the superior coffee experience that awaits you each morning.

So why wait? Embark on a new coffee adventure, make a statement about your commitment to quality coffee, and let our 'The Outsider Blend' transport you to uncharted flavor territories!

Coffee Characteristics:

  • Dark, Bold, and Smooth
  • Notes of Guinness Chocolate