Mexican Chocolate Pods (12Ct)
Mexican Chocolate Pods (12Ct)
Mexican Chocolate Pods (12Ct)

Mexican Chocolate Pods (12Ct)

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"Mexican Chocolate is so rich with flavor, just right, smooth but very satisfying & will for sure purchase again." -Devoran P

Invader Coffee, Mexican Chocolate, will have you experiencing flavored coffee like you never have before. Now available in convenient flavored coffee pods!

Our Mexican Chocolate is a fair trade, organic air roasted coffee coming to you from the fields of Central and South America. Invader Mexican Chocolate coffee features a medium body with a subtle, yet decadent dark chocolate taste with hints of cinnamon and vanilla, very similar to original Mexican coffee. You’ve never had flavored coffee pods like this before.

Coffee Characteristics

  • Delicious, chocolate flavor with hints of cinnamon and vanilla
  • Reminiscent of Authentic Mexican Coffee, with bold coffee and dark chocolate
  • Zero Sugar
  • Zero Alcohol

Have you tried Mexican coffee yet? If you are a coffee lover who also likes chocolate or a chocolate lover who likes coffee, you will love these. THESE ARE THE BEST FLAVORED COFFEE PODS. PERIOD... 

Trust us. If you are not a flavored coffee fan, it’s because you haven’t tried the best flavored coffee out there. This is the coffee that will make you rethink your preferences. Try it today, risk-free. 

Invader Promise

  • 100% Fair Trade
  • 100% Organic Coffee Beans
  • 100% Air Roasted
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee 

Note: there is ZERO alcohol and ZERO sugar in our Mexican Chocolate Coffee blend, just pure, delicious Mexican chocolate flavor that would make abuelita proud.

What makes our coffee pods different? 

We feature a “sphere shaped” grind in all of our coffee pods as opposed to a traditional “jagged grind” that other coffee companies use in their pods. The sphere shape allows water to pass through the pod more effortlessly which results in a bolder cup of coffee with 20-25% more caffeine per serving. Our coffee pods are a great caffeine boost to your morning cup of coffee!